Your followers will fall

Instagram is attacking bots, big style! I noticed a drop of c. 100 followers, which is very unusual, so I decided to dig about the internet and see what’s happening. It turns out that Instagram is finally waging war on all of the many fake accounts out there who not only have huge followings for no good reason, but also who follow you in an attempt to get a follow back.

These accounts are being purged right now, so you’ll likely see a drop in followers as these accounts are being killed off one by one, but here’s the other thing: –

If you have EVER put your instagram handle and password into a third party site you run the risk of being purged too! That’s how the worlds biggest photo sharing site is working out who’s the real deal and who’s a phoney. According to the internet you’ll be greeted with a challenge one day when you log-in offering that you change your password and clear a security check as a trade off to be able to retain your account, but if you’ve pushed it too far and bought followers or any of the like you are running a gauntlet right now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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