Top Secret Saturday! Long exposure edition

Every Saturday I’ll share a secret tip with you right here on Capture With Dave on Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, or Travel!

Today’s tip comes from my trip to Iceland this past week, and you’ll love it!

Here’s the top secret tip: –

You can shoot long exposures on your iPhone without an app! Yes, you did read that! Here’s how: –

Take a photo of an appropriate subject and make sure you have ‘live’ mode on.

Go into your camera roll and find the shot.

Then swipe up, you’ll get a load of options and across the top of those you can change the photo. To the right there’s an option labelled ‘long exposure’ which, I’m sure you figured, we’ll use.

The iPhone now takes the averages across all the photos in the live sequence and makes you a long exposure! Bam!

Don’t tell anybody!

Much love


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