The Sunrise Result!

The #SunriseWithDave challenge has now finished, and I’m blown away with the photos I’ve seen submitted by you all! I certainly would’ve had a tough time choosing a winner, but fortunately that’s been done for me!

Peter Treadway, my brother from another mother, has also trawled through all of the images submitted across social media platforms using the #SunriseWithDave hashtag and cast his expert eye over them to land on a winner.

The prizes at stake here are a KelbyOne memebership and a Platypod Ultra – so as if it wasn’t worth getting up super early to catch the calm break of a new day, to know you could take these two great prizes as well is awesome stuff!

The entrants brief was simply to shoot a sunrise and the reason was that I want people to experience it! Sunrise totally beats sunset – the peace and calm, the world waking up around you and getting ready for a new day, it all just totally rocks. There are plenty of people who are early birds, but there’s a whole bunch of others who have never seen a sunrise and it’s everyone across the spectrum that I’m reaching out to. The contest may be over, but the sunrises will keep happening.

The sunrise doesn’t care if we watch it our not. It will keep being beautiful, even if we don’t bother looking. The difference comes when, in life, we get up an hour early to live an hour more.

And so, let me take a second to remind you about the sponsors of the Sunrise Challenge: –

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Mike Tschappat – Sunrise at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park.

Congratulations, Mike! Here’s what made your shot stand out: –

The shot has an almost painterly feel to it, with beautifully soft tones and colouring. I love the way the light is being wonderfully diffused by the mist, as it dances around the shot.

So, ladies and gents, keep shooting those sunrises! Thank you all for getting involved!

About the judge

Peter Treadway is a wedding and architecture photographer from Essex, UK, who holds a special skill in telling stories through light in both of those fields. His wedding photography combines reportage with studio styling, and his architecture sees exposures in the minutes converted carefully to black and white. You’ve got to see it to believe it – check out Peter on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and online.

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