The Pipeline

I said just a few days ago on my Instagram Story to keep an eye on this pipeline because there are things in it. When people ask what I do it’s hard to properly explain, and especially hard to explain in just one breath. Well I thought I’d shed a little light right here and tell you a little about what those things are so you can keep an eye out for them if you’re interested in any one of those things in particular. In fact, it’s a completely transparent reveal of all that’s happening right now! It’s a list, and everyone likes a list, right? Let’s go.


I’ve been planning a little thing for a while and after some pretty extensive research, planning, and execution, I’m very happy to announce a solution to a problem. The problem is that getting hold of a Platypod in the UK and Europe is pretty tricky. The United States market is sorted, predominantly with supplies available direct from Platypod and then from B&H Photo in New York City. Well, I’m now heading up Capture Photographic who are an authorised reseller of Platypod products. As well as working closely with Platypod on promotion and marketing, I’m very happy to have pulled this all together and it won’t be long until the stock I’ve imported over the pond will be available on Amazon Prime for easy, affordable, and effective acquisition over on our side of the world. On top of that, keep an eye on the Platypod blog (over on their revamped website) to see my new features about how I got the shots in Norway while alone and about the air miles my Platypod Ultra has clocked up!


Back in March I was sent to Italy to shoot a class for KelbyOne entitled ‘Cinematic Drone Photography’ and for a few days it was just myself and Juan Alfonso bowling around the Dolomites, and incredibly beautiful Unesco world heritage site, in a Jeep Renegade with a few grand worth of cameras and drones in the boot (that’s the right word for trunk, FYI) whilst Juan patiently watched me screw up on my script time and again. That class lands soon over on KelbyOne and you can sign up for a $0 a month plan to try it out and see the wealth of knowledge shared by the rockstars of the industry over there. Further to that, on my next trip I’ll be taking over the KelbyOne Instagram Stories and sharing some travel photography inside info as I shoot Lofoten in Norway, so make sure you follow them!


I absolutely LOVE print, and I’ve worked with SimImaging a few times on little projects to showcase the power of print ever since using their services for albums and framed prints in my former life shooting weddings. If you see SimImaging at an expo or convention here in the UK you may recognise some of my prints hanging from the walls of their displays to show off their class-leading products. Well after going to meet with the boss I’m excited to announce two plans we’re working together on. Firstly, I’m going to take you all behind the scenes and show you the whole print process. Whilst in Norway at the end of this month I’ll be getting a shot worthy of putting to print. I’ll be showing you what I do on location as I walk and talk you through the set up and the gear I use. Following that I’ll take you into my office and show the post process and retouching of the image, alongside the method I use to get my shots ready for print. The exciting bit comes next where I’ll take you inside the lab and factory at SimImaging to bring the shot to life in print! But wait, there’s more! The dates are pencilled in right now and under review, but just as soon as they’re confirmed I’ll release the details of TWO classes I’ll be presenting to a live audience at the gallery at SimImaging. I’m very excited about this and I’ll drop the full details just as soon as I can!

Lonely Planet

It’s not brand new information to most of you that I’m a Lonely Planet contributor. I’m listed as one of their Pathfinders, and you’ll find my photos across their media portfolio, from their Instagram to their books. Well I’ve discussed an Instagram takeover with them for this Norway trip (which, as I’m sure you can see, is shaping up to be a busy one!) so as well as the usual International Coffee Hunt there’ll be some behind the scenes action revealed, too. Keep an eye out for that, and I’ll take this opportunity to thank Lonely Planet for all their support and for the surprise gift they sent me recently, the Lonely Planet Global Coffee Tour book. Eyes down on this one, it’ll be great fun!


Norway will see a second blog post produced for Drobo, following on from the first one I made for them all about finding ‘the cloud’ in Iceland. I love my Drobo, and I’m very happy to be representing Drobo and their incredibly useful line-up of data storage solutions. If you’re looking to get yourself a Drobo to back-up your precious data, head over to and use the code ‘DAVEWILLIAMS’ at the checkout for a very generous 10% off.


I’ve been using BlackRapid straps for years. You can see just how I utilised the strength and security of my BlackRapid strap whilst hanging out of a helicopter in Miami, Florida, and I’ll soon be testing out the new straps they sent me as I hang up my trusty Double Strap that hung from my neck for years in what I’ve promised them will be a proper ceremony!

Photoshop User Magazine

Coming in the next issue you can see some pretty sneaky stuff from me. I’l be sharing some techniques to totally change the weather! Concentrating on using Adobe Photoshop to make some pretty significant atmospheric changes to your images, I’ll walk you through how to add clouds, how to make it rain, and then for the big finish you’ll learn how to turn day into night on a whole ‘nother level! You’ll get another dose of Dave in the following issue too, so be sure to sign up with KelbyOne to get access to this and a whole lot more!


Following the success of my trip from London to Norway and it’s associated photography and write up (which you can see here) Triumph’s For The Ride magazine have asked me to pitch more ideas. I’ve got a couple of things lined up, one of which is an absolute logistical and bureaucratic nightmare but if we can pull it off together it will be AMAZING! I’ll leave that there for now until it gets past the upper echelons of Triumph and has a solid approval, but you can be sure that in any case there’ll be more of me in Triumph’s media soon enough.

Passion Passport

Also featuring the ride to Norway in the form of an interview, which you can read here, Passion Passport have reached out to feature more of me on their well-read and well-rated travel blog. Soon to land there you’ll be able to go inside my weird mind and discover my top five things to do on flights and layovers, and following on from that there’ll be a bit of a look at my journey to becoming a travel photographer together with the mistakes I’ve made along the way! Some embarrassing photos and stories will be revealed there, but it’s ok – YOLO and all that.


Wandrd has a really cool back story, and I’m very happy that they chose me to represent their brand. They make the coolest and most functional travel and photography bags out there. I took the Wandrd Hexad with me to Turkey and I was so impressed with both it’s aesthetics and it’s functionality, so I’ll also be taking it with me to Norway and showing you exactly what it can do.

Layers Magazine

It’s been a couple of months that I’ve been heading up as editor on behalf of KelbyOne and now that I’ve found my feet over there you will see more regular content landing regularly. The #MondayMotivation series is doing great so that’s staying, and I’ll be featuring more for the sporadic ‘Not a Photographer’ series as well as another series soon to be revealed.

Any Other Business

Well that’s kind of it for now. Keep an eye on my social media feeds where I’ll give you the updates I’ve promised above, and as always I’ll be shoving images in your face over on Instagram on a pretty regular basis so I can show you what I see. Thank you very much to all of you for your huge support, and thanks too for the engagement and feedback you give me! You can take the trumpet now, I’m done blowing it!

Much love


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