The mind blowing realisation…

So, my photographic journey has been quite interesting and I realised something when posting to Twitter last night. But first off, a disclaimer: –

On the face of it, this post seems quite vain. I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Littleton Common, Massachusetts, hesitating in writing it, but I do have a point to make so stick with it!

So here’s where I’m at… I started in photography at the age of 14. Everybody remembers things like this, and my memory is of my birthday. My parents got me a camera. A Nikon F40. It was so cool to receive something I wanted like that and it began me on my journey, albeit quite a long and drawn out one! I used that camera to shoot all kinds of things. Flowers, castles, my family, the dog, everything! That, already, is my first point.

Whatever kind of photographer you become is determined by having a go at everything and from there deciding what you enjoy and what you can do.

From that first camera all the way through to today I’ve had a go at a lot of stuff. I started going down the route of weddings and events when I started to take my photography seriously enough to make it turn a profit. I’ve shot all manner of events including at 10 Downing Street, and weddings have taken me to Germany, Los Angeles, and Perth, Australia, as well as plenty in my home country of the U.K. simultaneous to this I was shooting travel and decided this was the path I wanted to take, and now I’m realising that education in creativity is also very high up on my list!

So, not wanting to make this post a story of me, I’ll get to the point of the tweet I mentioned.

Over time I have built myself up and I’m very proud of all that I’ve accomplished, but that tweet made me notice something, and that something is this: –

All the time I was growing up, then when I was learning photography, I was reading publications and books by companies and authors who are now following me. I was using products by companies who are now following me. I was and still do learn from tutorials by people who are now following me. All the companies and people whom I idolise as industry leaders, who I aspired to one day work with or who I could only dream of meeting, I’m now working with and am both blessed and humbled to call friends. The scale of it dawned on me on one go, and this journey of mine has been gradual and given me such a fun ride. After all, I’m just some guy from London who likes to ‘camera!’

I want to thank every single person who has helped me, supported me, and who has believed in me all along the way! I love my journey!

And finally, before the ‘showcase’ below of what made me so incredibly proud, I’ll say this: –

If you want something just go out there, work hard, prove yourself, and realise your dreams!

Much love


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