Take Stock

Stock photography is an easy second income stream for you, so explore the idea of selling your photographs for use in media, editorial and marketing right now!

Getting on Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock, or Adobe Stock is as simple as signing up for an account, reading the rules and in some cases taking a quick test, and uploading a test submission. Once you’ve passed that phase it’s a very straight forward process of uploading your images, giving them a title, keyboarding them, and sitting back.

Seriously, it’s very easy! Once you’ve used your image for its intended purpose you can upload it for stock and watch it continue to bring in cash, or you can just shoot exclusively for stock.

It’s something more photographers should be cashing in on. Some people do it as their sole income! To give some perspective, I have a handful of images that keep selling more or less every single month, turning over a steady income from small sales of just the images time after time, and conversely one image has sold just one time for $1,000.

Think about it!
Much love


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