Get it? I’m a Scandinavifan! I love Iceland, I’m a big, big fan of Norway and Finland, and Denmark is somewhere I just keep going back to. But today it’s all about Sweden. Specifically Stockholm and it’s amazing tunnelbana network, comprising some of the worlds most spectacular underground stations.

I took a visit just to capture them, and I’m going to share my view with you right here, but first a little bit of what I’m actually talking about.

Stockholm has had an underground system since 1950, and since then it’s expanded time and again just as every other metro system across the world. Each of the stations is different, and of the 47 which are underground there are some which seem to celebrate the ground on which the Stockholm archipelago sits and have their rocky walls left in place, sprayed with concrete as reinforcement and sealing, and then decorated into glorious, cavernous works of wonder and amazement. Something everyday and commonplace for a Stockholmer is quite literally a tourist attraction for you and I. The reason the T-bana is touted as the worlds longest art gallery is because 90 of the 100 stations along it’s 110km of lines are filled with installations, mosaics, paintings, sculptures, and even ruins. Just take a look: –

But on top of that, the archipelago that is the Swedish capital is packed full of awesome sights, galleries, architecture, and is up at that latitude where sunsets are awesome!

You can keep an eye on my travels over on my Instagram page, and my Stockholm story is right there in my highlights.

Much love


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