This quick post is to share the easiest way to make a parallax image in Adobe Photoshop. Let’s go!

First up, pick the right image. You need something that has a distinguishable foreground element, like this shot of me at the edge of Plansee in Austria taken by Peter Treadway.

Get this image processed how you want it and take it into Adobe Photoshop where you need to create two Layers, one with the background and one with the foreground. To do this has never been easier thanks to the ‘Subject Select’ feature of the latest Photoshop update. This isn’t a tutorial on how to do these things, but you need to end up with these two Layers: –

And we’ll now take these two Layers and convert them into Smart Objects by right clicking each Layer in the Layers Panel and selecting ‘Convert to Smart Object.’

Next go to Window > Timeline. This will make the Timeline window appear at the bottom of the screen. Hit ‘Create Video Timeline.’

Within here we’ll set the Keyframe for each Layer by clicking the drop down arrow and clicking the target next to ‘Transform’ at the start of the Timeline.

Next, use the Free Transform (T) tool to adjust the Layers size to how you want it to end up, then slide to the end of the Timeline and set the end Keyframe in the same way. We now have the start and end sizes through which our parallax photo will move, and we can preview it with the video controls at the top of the Timeline window.

Last on the list, let output the video! Go to File > Export > Render Video. In here we can change the settings of the video to suit its use and we’re done!

Easy as that!


Much love



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