So, a thing happened! Whilst I was over in Florida I was shooting all day at Disney and got some crackers (shots, not food) but then I had an idiot moment. I don’t know how it happened but I was busy doing my backups and somehow skipped a card. Thing is, it was only the next day when I’d formatted that very card that I noticed what I’d done!

My first reaction was to scour the internet for a remedy to my stupid problem. When I couldn’t find a clear answer, my next go-to was to whine to Gilmar about it! Whine is the appropriate word here, because that was her answer to my problem – wine! But I had a feeling that wouldn’t work….

The reason I’m sharing my problem is two-fold: –

  1. Pro photographers have the same problems as everybody else with things like this happening, just in the same way as we have a ton of photos on our camera roll that you will never see because they’re terrible!
  2. I couldn’t immediately find an answer to this problem, and after several trial and error situations and a whole load of sales pitchy solutions I found one that worked great!

I want to share that solution with you, just in case you have this problem in the future!

The answer: – SanDisk Rescue PRO

I’ll say at this point that nobody is paying me to talk about this – I genuinely found this to be a winning solution to my stupid problem!

All you do is plug in your card, fire up the app, then let it do some top secret wizardry while you anxiously watch a progress bar. Then, as if by magic, it basically says, “Hey, look at all this stuff I found! Where shall I save it?” and you’re set! I recovered every single photo I made at Disney and it was all down to this little app saving my life!

On the other hand, take better care of your stuff 😉


Much love


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