Doors off!

I have to tell you about this! But first, to set the tone, check this out: –

Thing is, most people are watching the right cheek but it’s actually the left eye you want to be looking at!

So, I recently had the opportunity to take a doors off helicopter flight in Miami with Flynyon and let me tell you, if you ever have to opportunity to fly doors off you must do it!

Starting at Miami’s business airport and heading toward Miami Beach and along the awesome coastline as the sun set over Downtown from our perspective, the flight was simply epic.

Experiencing the wind and the air with nothing between me and the ground save for a seatbelt, it was truly an amazing experience. Let me show you this shot: –

Now, most people I’ve shown are sceptical when I show that photo, usually saying ‘it must be photoshopped.’ Nope!

It’s not my first time in a helicopter by a long way, and it certainly won’t be my last – I’m looking at the Flynyon Las Vegas flight for next time I’m there and the New York flight too, it was so fun! I managed to stitch a pano of Miami Beach from up there.

The whole flight was about half an hour and was worth every moment. I’d never say no to going back!

Much love


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