Meaning of Life

If you’ve ever asked Siri the meaning of life you may have had the answer ‘42’ come back at you. It comes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It’s because Deep Thought, the second greatest computer, worked out that answer.   Anyway, the meaning … Continue readingMeaning of Life

The Sunrise Result!

The #SunriseWithDave challenge has now finished, and I’m blown away with the photos I’ve seen submitted by you all! I certainly would’ve had a tough time choosing a winner, but fortunately that’s been done for me! Peter Treadway, my brother from another mother, has also trawled … Continue readingThe Sunrise Result!

For the ride

Hi all! Just wanted to drop a post to tell you all, if you haven’t already seen, that my article for Triumph from my trip to Norway has landed! You can read it right here! Inside the article you can see some of the cool shots … Continue readingFor the ride

Project 2k18

Take a look at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider for my weekly post this week where I’ve shared the importance of personal projects in development. ‘We never stop learning and if you can catalyse your learning and develop new skills through personal projects you’ll keep yourself … Continue readingProject 2k18