Another Ferrari class

This class looks at the use of a single light to get a nice showroom look on a car when in fact it’s broad daylight. Here goes…

I don’t have a photo of me taking the photo to show you today – I was in a rush. For this shot I was at a wedding and the guy from DK Engineering who own the £2,000,000 Ferrari GTO had arrived to pick up the car. I had moments so I threw my Neewer 80cm x 80cm soft together with a Yongnuo speed light and dialled my camera settings in for a black background in the daylight. I stuck in ISO100, shutter of 1/125th, and ended up with an aperture to get the black background of f/9.

In terms of the position of the softbox I’ll have to describe where to go with it… Get your assistant or your gear to hold it straight over the top of the car. Toy with it a little so that the reflection is out of your shot, that way the white light of the flash will be out too. If possible a strip light would be better than a square, but go with what you’ve got. Don’t go out buying a strip light just for this shot when a square softbox will do. In fact, if you don’t have a softbox then you can use a flash held behind a pop up diffuser.

Just as with the last Ferrari class, perspective is key! So here’s the shot :-

Give it a practice and see if you can catch the car with no reflected flash!

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