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In photography, as in life, it’s important to have a game plan! As well as knowing what you’re doing tomorrow it’s also vital to at least have an idea of a 5 year plan. This gives you goals, which you achieve and in turn leads to more goals, and so the cycle continues until your progress becomes so advanced your start point appears as a dot in the distance rather than the goals being the dot! Having a detailed and carefully thought out 5 year plan helps no end in realising these goals and making the achievements necessary to progress.

5 years seems like a long way off, but in reality it isn’t that far at all. The benefit of making yourself a 5 year plan is that you can look at the point you finally want to be at and then break down the steps to get there into manageable and achievable chunks, ticking them off one at a time along your journey.

So how do you do it effectively?

First of all, what changes do you want to make? How do you want things to be in 5 years time? It might be that you’re already on a pretty good path and simply want to continue that path, and that’s fine, but having it visualised and mapped out will make it so much more easily achievable.

Being as specific as possible helps when you make these targets. Having a target like ‘be a better photographer’ is ridiculously vague and therefore in defining it you’ll have difficulty in knowing when you’ve made the achievement or not. Having something more specific is so much better when it comes to being focussed and realistic because having that narrow focus breaks down your list into the manageable chunks I mentioned above. It makes the five year end goal easier to break down into five one year goals, and further still into months, weeks, and even days.

The list can often turn out to be quite dynamic so be sure to keep track of everything and cross it off as you go, making tweaks here and there as new challenges present themselves. When you do hit a hurdle turn it into a new objective to reach and challenge to overcome. Having these things come up doesn’t signify a failure, its just proof that you are moving forwards and learning as you go. Any amendments to your five year plan are good things!

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement, so make your dreams a reality and take the necessary steps to realise your dreams and hit those achievements!

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