15 awesome accounts to follow!

Are you hungry for adventure? Do you suffer wanderlust like me? Perhaps you like to live through others, or maybe your perfect adventure planner is Instagram! Let these 15 amazing travellers take you on an inspirational adventure! I follow them all, and you should too!

Some of these are up there, but some are lesser known and absolutely deserve all the attention they can get…. Let’s go!

A post shared by Mike Cotton (@mikecottonphotography) on Mike Cotton shoots awesome landscapes in between writing about adventures, and the look and feel of his work is oh so captivating!

A post shared by Patrick Di Fruscia (@difruscia) on Patrick Di Fruscia is parterre with DJI and Canon, and he describes himself (modestly) as a world landscape and nature photographer.

So having had some great advice from a good friend and great photographer a few weeks ago, I’ve decided that a personal project is exactly what I need to push me photographically and teach me new skills. Having always had a love of black and white architecture then, I thought this would be a great way to start and so you’ll likely be seeing a few more long exposure black and white Land/cityscapes from me over the coming weeks and months. This, being my first foray in to proper editing of (what some may call) fine art black and white, isn’t the greatest example of that genre. However, that’s the point of personal projects, to learn and grow, so watch this space and hopefully you’ll start seeing some improvements along the way. I’m hoping to start a more people-centric project in the coming months as well, so if you’re not a fan of buildings, hopefully you’ll be a little more in to that one. @tiplmedia #KelbyOneLexar #igerslondon

A post shared by Peter Treadway (@hybridpeter) on Peter Treadway, my bro from another mo, is one of the two greatest black and white photographers out there….

A post shared by M E I D A N Y B&W (@meidany.bnw) on Mimo Mediany is the other 😉

A post shared by Iurie Belegurschi (@iuriebelegurschi) on So, Iurie Belegurschi specialises in shooting my favourite place on the planet – Iceland. His style and skill at capturing the heart of that place is phenomenal.

The Northern Lights rarely look as good to the naked eye as they do on the camera. It’s the Arctic’s dirty little secret. Long exposures allow us to capture things the naked eye can’t. Sunday evening was one of those rare occasions where the eye matched the camera. The skies erupted in Aurora. The Lights danced furiously and changed colours from green to pink to even some purple. It far exceeded everyone’s expectations. . . . . #explorecanada #nightimages #nightshooters #longexpohunter #auroraborealisnotifications #amazing_longexpo #superphoto_longexpo #princely_shotz #worldnomads #longexpoelite #sky_central #worldaurora #ShareYourWeather #universetoday #exploremb #travel #travelpics #northernlights #northernlightsphotos #bestnatureshot #fiftyshadesofnature #ipulledoverforthis #nature_brilliance #sharecangeo #natgeotravel #natgeoyourshot #canadiancreatives #churchill #imagesofcanada

A post shared by Alex de Vries-Magnifico (@discover_churchill) on Alex de Vries-Magnifico shoots Churchill, Manitoba in a whole new light. The arid, cold, dark filled landscape is given a lease of life with such skill and passion!

A post shared by Rick Sammon (@ricksammonphotography) on Rick Sammon, Canon Explorer of Light, shoots incredibly vivid wildlife and landscapes and has done for years! A true master.

A post shared by Founder @Welivez (@raylivez) on Raylivez – who I think is Reynier Horta – captures NYC in a way that represents the very soul of the city and it’s people and architecture. The visions he has are something else!

A post shared by Sebastian Scheichl | Austria (@zeppaio) on Sebastian Scheichl is an Austrian explorer who’s photography shows a true sense of adventure each and every time. It’s like magic, literally.

A post shared by LONDON (@mrwhisper) on Bal, Mr Whisper, takes the everyday life of the city and somehow makes it totally relatable and personable. His street photography is on a different level altogether.

A post shared by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) on Daniel Kordan – this absolute dude of a dude goes places that most people could only dream of, and then smashes each and every shot!

A post shared by Cape Town 🌍 South Africa (@mrcalv) on This is Calvin – MrCalv – he’s from Muizenberg, SA. I lived near Cape Town for 8 months, and trust me in saying that this legend portrays his local area absolutely amazingly! So lekeer!

A post shared by Thomas Hawk (@thomashawk) on Thomas Hawk is someone who I was watching on Flickr long before Instagram was a thing, and he’s the kind of ‘camera in the bag all the time’ guy who seems to just have a real nack for photography across the spectrum.

A post shared by David Boon | Australia (@travel_in_pixels) on David Boon is an Australia based photographer extraordinaire. I can’t wait to meet this guy, I have a funny feeling we’re going to get on! His work from travel through to portraiture really pulls you in every time. He has a real gift.

A post shared by D A V E W I L L I A M S (@capturewithdave) on And me, of course. I’m not too bad 😉

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