Wooden Houses

Norway was put here for photographers, I’m certain of it! My favourite place on the planet is Iceland, but Norway comes a very close second. I’ve explored Lofoten in summer and winter, and it’s a beautiful place all year round. Lofoten is a region in Northern Norway, most famous for the Reine area where there are small towns on archipelagos and islands connected by bridges and causeways. Most notable of these towns is Hamnøy, with it’s red wooden buildings sitting among the rocky crags, dwarfed by mountains looming overhead.

Getting the famous shot of Hamnøy is simply a case of walking up onto the bridge which connects it with Sakrisøy. The bridge is subject to occasional strong winds, so take care. The barriers on the sides are pretty high so if you shoot with a tripod it needs to be a tall one, but I took advantage of the flat top and used my Platypod Ultra to get my shots, strapping it to the railings and firing away.

Across this small series of islands there tends to be a theme in the colouring of the wooden buildings: – On Hamnøy they tend to be red, on Sakrisøy they tend to be orange, and on Reine they tend to be white. As you drive further west towards Å i Lofoten and east towards Nussfjord and Svolvær the buildings are also that red synonymous with the fishing towns and villages of Norway.

Shooting around Lofoten offers a huge range of natural views including these wooden buildings, and it’s well worth a visit. If you go in winter you also have the chance of catching the Aurora Borealis as well – double whammy!

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