Vertical Rio

he cosmo city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the worlds ‘up and coming’ where the classic is meeting the modern – so much so in fact that Uber is bigger here than in New York City. The city is straight forward to navigate, buffered by the sea, and the suburbs stretch along the coast and offer beautiful escapes from the city, and then there’s something else: – Tijuca. Rio is a city with a rainforest within it, which is such a strange thing but when you get into the forest you really do feel far removed from the hustle and bustle, replacing the noise of crowds and traffic with that of singing birds and howling monkeys.

When in the Tijuca rainforest there’s plenty to see, and I set myself the challenge of getting up high to an open cave way up on the rock face of the mountain Corcovado. The hike was insane, but the view was worth every little muscle burn endured on the way up. I had other aerial views I wanted to get of Rio as well though.

Vertical Rio helped me out in getting high as well, launching in their doors-off helicopter from Barra to the west of Rio and showing the gorgeous views of the city beaches and rainforest, and of Christ the Redeemer.

Since flying in helicopters with the doors off, it’s now by far my preferred option! Who even needs the doors anyway?! The views of Rio, the sweeping green landscapes and the cinematic tones of the city below, were great fun to capture by hanging from the chopper, it’s something highly recommended.

Much love


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