Top secret Platypod tip!

Hi there! Thanks for popping by, lured in no doubt by the click-bait title 😉

Well it’s true! I really do have a top secret Platypod tip that I want to share with you! Do you have a Platypod? I have both the Ultra and the Max and they’re fantastic! Last week in particular on an epic 3,100 miler from London to the Atlantic Highway in Norway and back, it proved particularly useful!

So here it is, here’s my top secret Platypod tip: –

When you use the screw in spiked feet bear this word in mind…. tripod!

There’s a reason tripod have three legs rather than four so when you screw in your spiked feet use three, not four. Having three feet gives your Platypod a much more solid base, whereas if you use four you’ll end up spending extra unnecessary time balancing the four feet to all be at the same height and no doubt you’ll get it wrong and have a slight wobble on. Use three feet, people! Three! Tripod!

You’re welcome 😉

Much love


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