I have something to say, and I’ve said it before but I don’t care: –

Sunrise totally beats sunset!

So I’ve set myself a little challenge, and I want you all to get involved with me!

Here’s what’s happening!

On Monday July 9th 2018 I’ll be at Land’s End, Cornwall, UK. You’re welcome to join me there if that’s your neck of the woods! What I’ll be doing there is this: –

At 9:15PM the sun will set over the sea to the west. I’ll be there on the coast with my camera mounted on my Platypod Ultra to shoot the sunset. I’ll then take out the card, process the image, upload it, and back it up with Drobo. Using my Wandrd bag to carry my gear, I’ll jump on my motorbike and ride!

The ride I’ll be taking is about 450 miles and it’ll take me from that location, the most westerly point in England, to Lowestoft Ness, Norfolk, UK. That’s the most easterly point! Here’s the catch… the thing that turns this challenge into a challenge and a half…. I must be there by 4:56AM to shoot the sunrise over the sea to the east and repeat the process!

It’s not all motorway. Far from it, in fact! For huge chunks of the ride it’ll be twists and turns on country roads, low speed limits, and the darkness will decrease the visibility and slow me down.

It’s going to be tight, people! Very tight! To be honest, I might not even make it! But that’s all part of the challenge, right?

You can follow my progress through social media, and you’ll be able to follow me on a map where I’ll appear as a little dot racing across the entire country overnight!

So, here’s your local time for my part of the challenge, if you’d like to follow my progress: –

USA East Coast 4:15PM to 11:56PM

USA West Coast 1:15PM to 8:56PM

Melbourne, Australia July 10th 6:15AM to 1:56PM

Central Europe 10:15PM to 5:56AM

Middle East July 10th 12:15AM to 7:56AM

And I did say up there that I want you all to get involved with me! Here’s how: –

From July 9th until July 15th I want you all to go and shoot a sunrise too!

Show me your sunrise shots by uploading them to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and using the hashtag #sunrisewithdave (ensuring your privacy on that post is off so I can see it!)

There’s even a contest running to win some fantastic prizes! They’re listed down below.

Massive thanks to KelbyOne and Platypod for providing some truly awesome stuff for you to win, and thanks to Drobo for providing the code ‘DAVEWILLIAMS’ which you can all use to bag yourself 10% off a brand new hard drive unit at drobostore.com 🙂

Throughout the week from July 9th to July 15th make sure you shoot and upload a sunrise shot for me to see, and I’ve invited special guest judge Peter Treadway to judge the best sunrise worldwide from the entrants to win a KelbyOne membership and a Platypod Ultra! The winner will be announced on July 17th.

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