Plotagraph Quick Tips

Plotagraph has exPLOded onto the photography and social media scene, and available in the App Store for a great price relative to the top notch features it packs it’s no surprise!

Here is what it can do, and some top tips for harnessing it’s potential!

Plotagraph is software which allows you to give movement to still images. Just take a look at their Instagram to see some amazing examples of what it can do.

This is a still image from Lake Inari, Finland, which I revitalised and brought to life with the Plotagraph app. Here are my top tips for making it work for you: –

  1. Apply the movement carefully! In most cases only apply it to things which would ordinarily move anyway such as waves, waterfalls, clouds etc. When you do, use the animate tool cleverly to control the direction and amount of movement.
  2. When you’ve applied your movement points think about the speed and set that just right. Too much can ruin your image, too little might not be convincing or noticeable.
  3. Use the mask tool to paint right over anything you want to freeze, and use the erase tool to undo that action if you paint over the wrong spot.
  4. Use the anchor tool to pin things down. If there’s a small spot which you want to exclude from the action, stick an anchor pin in it and it’ll hold steady while the rest of the image moves around it.
  5. When you save and export your creation, if you select save to camera roll you’ll get the largest, best format, allowing you to make the most of your Plotagraph.

Here’s a screen grab right from my iPhone of Plotagraph in action, with the pink mask, red anchor points, and animation tracks in the clouds giving the movement. It’s a brilliant app, well recommended, and so powerful!

Big ups to the Plotaverse team!

Much love


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