My 2k19

What a year 2K19 has been! I’ve managed to exceed my record number of air miles, I’ve seen new places, new countries, had new experiences, and taken some shots I’m certainly proud of! Let’s kick this off with the year in numbers: – 77,588 That’s … Continue readingMy 2k19


I got it! Finally! This shot is following my 3rd attempt and is the result of some 720 miles driving back and forth, and several different methods which failed. Here’s how: – It all started when I was looking at lighthouses in the UK to … Continue readingFinally!

Vertical Rio

he cosmo city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the worlds ‘up and coming’ where the classic is meeting the modern – so much so in fact that Uber is bigger here than in New York City. The city is straight forward to navigate, … Continue readingVertical Rio

Wooden Houses

Norway was put here for photographers, I’m certain of it! My favourite place on the planet is Iceland, but Norway comes a very close second. I’ve explored Lofoten in summer and winter, and it’s a beautiful place all year round. Lofoten is a region in … Continue readingWooden Houses

The Kettle

Kannesteinen sits on the coast near Oppedal on Måløy and this particular rock is unique in nature. The mushroom shape has been forged by crashing waves and grinding stone over thousands of years. Access to the rock itself is easy, while access to the overall location … Continue readingThe Kettle

Top of the Fjord

Norway was put on this planet for photographer, I’m absolutely convinced by that! I recently made a journey to Norway, specifically to the amazing, majestic fjords of the South, and one of the missions while I was there was to make the climb to Kjeragbolten. … Continue readingTop of the Fjord