International Coffee Hunt 2019

Those who follow my missions on social media will be well aware that everywhere I go I take a Lonely Planet guidebook with me and try to find a nice local coffee to shoot alongside it, and my 2019 International Coffee Hunt is now complete!

The Lonely Planet range is pretty good, but I have one confession about this years hunt and its accuracy – The Denmark shot is from the Faroe Islands because the Faroe Islands, although independent, falls administratively under the Kingdom of Denmark, and is too small for Lonely Planet to produce a guide solely about this little North Atlantic island chain. The Faroese coffee was from Friða Kaffihús in Klaksvik, and it was delicious! It proceeded an exciting helicopter trip all around the fringes of the Faroe Islands, ending up at Vágar after three stops and some epic aerial scenery.

Iceland features twice this year, which is fairly typical for me. Iceland is my #1 country on the planet, closely followed by Norway (which I visited three times this year) and the coffee stops were: – Salt cafe in Egilsstaðir, and Te & Kaffe in Akureyri. From Norway (the shots being Norway and Scandanavia book titles) were Senja Lodge in Senja, and Baristas Coffee in Stavanger.

The USA saw four visits this year, with Lonely Planet guides for USA for a Florida trip, Florida for another Florida trip, Western USA for a Las Vegas centric trip, and Chicago for (if you hadn’t figured) a Chicago trip. In that order, the coffees are from Buddy Brew Coffee, Oxford Exchange, Tampa, Florida; Joffreys, Disney Springs, Florida; Kiva Koffeehouse, Utah; Dollop Coffee, Chicago.

Over in France there were two: – the Paris cover was at Republique of Coffee, Paris, and the France cover was at Anticafe, Aix en Provence.

Now lets fill in the rest of the world. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is Café Secreto. In Tallinn, Estonia is The Living Room. From Llandudno in Wales, it’s Providero. From Split, Croatia, it’s D16 Coffee. From Levi, Finland it’s Café Zero. Finally, from Banff, Canada, it’s The Other Paw Café.

All of these cafe’s were awesome, and the coffee highly rated. As if I’d go somewhere it wasn’t! Having this little addition to each trip is an extra memory, and gives the trip an extra purpose. I’ll soon work on compiling all the coffee hunt shots since the start, so watch this space, and Happy New Year!

Much love

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